Meet 3083LIM-1, uWinLoop's premier pod for the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.

Despite 3083LIM-1's complexity, it can be broken down into 5 major subsystems. Click on each component to learn more about it.


     Traveling at high speeds causes even the smallest bumps and irregularities to become major problems. 3083LIM-1 is equipped with a rigid frame made of metal tubing, and a three-component stabilization system that includes a lateral control module, vertical control module, and LIM stabilization unit.


     To truly be the spearhead of the next generation of green transportation, 3083LIM-1 needed to be propelled with a new type of engine: a linear induction motor. Linear Induction Motors are capable of producing not only forward thrust, but also lift, helping the pod levitate off the ground.


     Having a linear induction motor means nothing if you don't have any energy to power it. 3083LIM-1 carries two battery packs with over 120 cells capable of outputting close to 400 volts.


     If you want to successfully move from point A to point B, you probably also need to stop. The 3083LIM-1 is equipped with a non-traditional friction braking unit capable of stopping the pod in less than 300 meters.

      While there will be a near vacuum inside the hyperloop tube, the remaining air will still cause a considerable amount of drag at high speeds. Thus, the shell still must be aerodynamic and light. However, the shell is still not available for public view.