uWinLoop 04/25/2019: Sponsors, Progress and More!

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After taking a short break from pod development and designs due to exams we are now up and running with an exciting three months ahead of us. We have successfully raised a significant amount of funds to start ordering equipment for the Hyperloop pod which is soon to be built over the next two months. We have rounded up to over 13 sponsors which can be found on our website. However we are still seeking sponsorships and material donations to continue progressing. We have just completed the Preliminary Safety Package, a key deliverable to the SpaceX company as we move towards the competition.

In addition to the pod design we have made improvements to the overall pod specs increasing speed, reducing weight, and adjusting the tube pressure. With final designs and integration nearing 100% complete, now starts the manufacturing process as we have already gotten 6 orders of equipment in this week.

Within the Go-Fund-Me page that we have started we currently raised $2,145 which we greatly appreciate.

We would like to thank all of our supporting sponsors. It has been a very humbling process. This support and endorsement from the Windsor community is only helping to push us forward faster. Which will make us even greater at competition.

Over the next few weeks,

We will finalize designs of the pod which will be rendered through software such as CAD drawings and Ansys. Some materials have recently been shipped and delivered, however we do expect more equipment to come in within the next few weeks. All visual updates of the manufacturing process will be found on social media. We've got much planned, including revamping our social media sites, e-commerce and more! So stay tuned for the next update!

Fun fact of the week: Were quietly working on a video interviewing a few team members which will soon be released! Stay Tuned

#uWinLoop #SCCLoop

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